About Dissidence Scooter Shop

Dissidence is simply one of the first shops in the world to sell freestyle scooter equipment, and is still part today of the very few shop dealing only with extreme scootering.
Created in 2008 by Kevin Demay and Cyrille Vietti-Benzidane, Dissidence aims to offer to riders the largest choice of scooters amongst the best spirit brands.
We are kind of the root of scootering development in France, and thus we are, by our lives, involved in the heart of the ride universe, its practice, its culture. The idea is to promote a mature image of this discipline, because it’s what it need right now, unlike those that are just riding the wave without seeing further.
Exit cheap parts! At Dissidence, you’ll find only products we approve and support, that is to say brands trying to push things in the good way, at the best price.
Supporting Dissidence is supporting all what’s behind: riders who deserve it, setting up of events as the street jam in Paris in which pleasure takes over on competition, winter trip organization in covered parks, etc… To make a long story short: we want to keep on being a bit messy and above all authentic for the passion we share.
Dissidence Scooter Shop, ruled by riders for riders.