Cyrille Vietti-Benzidane: Boss n ° 1, the father of riders, he manages a lot of things including events. A climber by nature, he loves life. @cyrilledissidence

Kevin Demay: Boss # 2, the crazy technician / engineer. Between steve jobs and elon musk in the background on the right you have kk. @zizimutant

Sydney Fibleuil: Head of the boxes, if you get your stuff it's thanks to him. He's been there from the start, he's seen too much in Dissent, but he's holding on.

Fabien Delos: Head of versatility, Papa TrotiRider, he manages products, stock, sales, webmaster, etc. He's a geek. @delos.trotirider

Thibert Dutoit: Head of papers, all the troubles of society are for him, but he survived. Chef barbeuc.

Sofiane Dourouni: Very nice rider, newbie in cardboard boxes, he is there to lend a hand to Sydney. How long will he hold on? @sosodourouni