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New Dissidence Website: V3

Newsletter a little specific this time, it is to announce with great lead the arrival of a big evolution on our side: a brand new brand new site.

Dissidence was the first freestyle trott shop in Europe, and the second in the world. Created at the time when our discipline was only in its infancy. And it is clear that since that time our little world has completely evolved: A mess of gear for all tastes, events and contests practically every week, riders who manage to make a living from their passion. And above all, a community which is fleshed out and which today represents the heart of our passion (yes: you;)

On our side we have always tried to support the development of our discipline to the maximum of what we could and with our available means. Whether it is the fact of providing a maximum of brands and products that in our eyes are moving things in the right direction, the creation of large-scale events to bring everything to life (street jam / coalition / this is scootering…), the support of a slew of riders, but also the in-house creation of several brands to change the game (Ethic / eretic / black pearl / allis / versatyl…)

Anyway, and despite the things achieved in almost 14 years, we must keep in mind that we remain a small structure on a human scale, with our qualities and our faults; )
And clearly among the things that could be greatly improved: our website which was in version 2 and which we had created about 8 years ago… But it's finally done!
And it is not without difficulty that the new baby has just given birth.
It was developed entirely in-house, Fabien Delos (the daddy of the trott: the old ones know;) will have spent more than 2 years there.

On the taste menu of new products:
- A responsive site (finally!): Namely that it is developed to be adapted to all types of formats: pc as well as smartphones.
- A very nice and clean design: just to make it easy on your eyes.
- A dynamic welcome with news, new products, latest videos, focus, insta.
- Improved news systems: to keep up to date with the latest chips.
- More complete, detailed product sheets and videos when available.
- A new filter system: to navigate this plethora of references.
- A new comparison system: to know what to choose when you hesitate too much.
- Lower shipping costs in some cases, and the possibility of having them delivered to a relay point.
- The possibility of buying gift cards.
- A system of loyalty points (dissipoints), the bonus to please you.
- A dynamic and intelligent search bar.
- A contact page with several services.
- Highlighting of brands.
- Payment in 3x (as soon as possible).
- The possibility of suggesting us products that you have not found.

And a whole bunch of details that I hope will make you kiff!

A lot of things and ideas will evolve and be improved over time. (surprise;)
And do not hesitate to offer us ideas for changes, or to point out potential existing bugs that we could correct.
In any case, it is with pleasure that we announce this news to you, a big step in the history of dissidence, and we put our hearts into it!

Kisses to all!

Kevin demay


Hi this is Delos :D
I just wanted to add a few words, indeed it's a big step up this new site, on your side full of new functions, but also for us the team.
It's a site that took a lot of time because a lot of customization, suddenly if there are bugs, it's normal, but you have to get started.
If you ever find any technical or graphic bugs, please contact me via the contact page (webmaster).
I made sure to keep as much of the old data as possible, so normally you can log in with your accounts.
This new site will allow us to communicate more, organize events, more promotions, etc. because we now have the tools.
This is my biggest web project, I hope you like it, thank you for your support for so many years. As said kk it's not over, we still have
full of ideas;)

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